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Creating a Web Storefront

Web Storefronts are securely hosted websites that display your product information to customers for purchase. Each store can house unlimited storefronts, and you can customize each one to appear different and house different products. 

You may need to adjust settings in your web browser to avoid error messages. These errors are normal, and do not cause issues. 

Default Storefronts

Each store has a default web storefront that controls the appearance and styling of customers’ Account Management portal. FastSpring labels the storefront with a “default” tag in the top, right corner. Contact FastSpring Support to change which web storefront is your default. 


Each web storefront consists of many pages. You can display specific pages for specific customer interactions.


The homepage (or product catalog) lists all products associated with your storefront. You can also display product offers when the customer accesses a product page.

Product Page

Each product page displays the following product information:

  • Product display name
  • Short and long descriptions
  • Price
  • Discounts, if any
  • Product image

You can link to product pages directly from your website. When the product page loads, FastSpring pre-selects the product for purchase. You can configure product offers or product options to display on the product page as well. When customers access the product page, the product FastSpring preselects the product for purchase. Customers can proceed directly to payment. 

Web storefronts do not maintain cart contents in between sessions. To configure a shopping cart, see Create a Popup Storefront and Popup Storefront Cart.

Payment Information

After a customer clicks “Buy Now”, a popup window appears, prompting the customer to enter their contact and payment information for checkout. If their payment information is valid, FastSpring processes the transaction and sends them the configured fulfillment. Then, we redirect them to the completion page.

Completion Page

After a successful transaction, FastSpring directs the customer to your completion page. The completion page displays the following information:

  • Order reference number
  • After-purchase instructions
  • Fulfillment information

Create a New Web Storefront

  1. Navigate to Storefronts > Web Storefronts.
  2. Click Create Web Storefront on the top, right corner of the page. A popup will appear. 
  3. In the Company Sub-Directory Storefront ID field, enter an ID for your new web storefront. Do not include spaces, as this becomes part of the storefront URL. 
  4. Click Create. Your new web storefront appears in the list of storefronts. 

By default, new storefronts are offline. You can switch your storefront to online after you activate your store. When the storefront is online, customers can begin making purchases. 

Copy an Existing Web Storefront

  1. Navigate to Storefronts > Web Storefronts
  2. Click More > Copy on the storefront you wish to copy. A popup will appear. 
  3. In the To New Storefront URL field, enter an ID for your new web storefront. Do not include spaces, as this becomes part of the storefront’s URL. 
    • If your store has multiple storefronts, do not click the To Existing Storefront drop-down. This will replace the storefront. 
  4. Click Finish, Your new web storefront appears in the list of storefronts.