How to Lower Churn for SaaS and Software (Interview with Growth Expert Frederic Linfjärd)

Nathan Collier
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I recently sat down with growth expert (and current director of growth at Planday) Frederic Linfjärd for two back-to-back amazing conversations.

The first was about conversion optimization (CRO) for SaaS and software. (You can find that interview here). 

We followed it up with deep dive into churn. Specifically, how Fred slashed it by 50% in a previous growth role at a software company.

For example, here’s just one strategy Fred shared with me during our conversation: 

This is the “win-back period.” It’s the time between a user canceling their subscription and when their subscription officially expires.

As Fred put it: “If a customer cancels an annual subscription — but they have six months left to access the product — that means I have six months to work on changing their mind.”

The win-back period is a sweet spot. 

They still have access to the product, so you can observe their behavior and offer relevant tips and offers.

After their subscription runs out, it becomes much more difficult to win them back.

Fred’s strategy is to personalize his messaging based on how much time he has left.

The closer to the customer’s end date, the more aggressive he gets with messages and offers.

“If they have six months left, I’ll start by sending them content. But as the end date gets closer, I might be more aggressive with a discount or extra time on their subscription if they change their mind.”

You can hear much more about Fred’s churn reduction engine in our chat. Here’s the full recording:

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Nathan Collier

Nathan Collier is the Director of Content and Community at FastSpring.

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