Is CRO Different for SaaS? (Interview with Growth Expert Frederic Linfjärd)

Nathan Collier
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Is conversion rate optimization for SaaS and software different than traditional A/B testing for ecommerce?

Is it all about getting people to click the “buy” button (like it is in Ecommerce)? Or is there more to it?

I sat down with growth expert (and current director of growth at Planday) Frederic Linfjärd — and I asked him what he thought about these questions.

As you’ll hear, CRO in SaaS goes well beyond “red button vs. blue button.”

Here are a few quotes from our conversion:

👉 “Conversion rate optimization isn’t about the red button or the blue button. It’s about increasing the total lifetime value of the customer.” 

👉 “Traffic, traffic, traffic — that’s what software companies focus on. Then they stop testing after the trial signup or purchase. Then they don’t really see, are they churning after one month or are they actually staying?

👉 “You could increase revenue by the same amount, with the same traffic, just by working on retaining people longer. I’ve seen people miss this opportunity in software companies.”

Here’s the full recording:

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Nathan Collier

Nathan Collier is the Director of Content and Community at FastSpring.

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